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1920s Omega Nightdress Case

1920s Omega Nightdress Case

Miss Dog has been keeping nightdresses and PJs safe for about 100 years so it’s no wonder that she needed a bit of a wash  and brush up and a quick facial!


She had a lovely time being pampered - she had new stuffing, her ears were reattached firmly and she got a lovely shiny new pair of eyes.  Her nose was fine but she needed a new mouth.  Her beautiful ribbon needed a wash to make the satin shine again and she had a lovely bubble bath.  


She now looks fabulous and is ready to start her nightie-keeping duties again.  In the meantime her zipped body has a lovely mini cushion inside to keep her looking plump.  


She is a 1920’s Omega dog.  There aren’t many of this Company’s bears or dogs around and she is in very good condition for her age.  Her reverse is quite worn but her front is lovely and furry and the fabric is in good condition.  Her ears were quite worn where they attach to her head so they have been strengthened with Crepeline at the joint.  She measures 45cm from her front paw to the end of her tail and her head is 20cm tall when its upright.   She is not suitable for children under three because of her eyes and her ribbon.  She is housetrained and can live with other pets!

  • Size

    45cm x 20cm.  Mohair fur and woodwool stuffing.  Metal zip.  Satin Ribbon

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